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Once you have placed your order, it takes 10-14 days to go though production. During busy periods it may take more than this, however you will be notified prior to placing on order. For larger orders there may be an extended waiting time. If you have a set date you wish your order to arrive please be in contact before placing the order.

Please note there will be an additional waiting time for delivery, please head over to delivery for more information.


We can accept cancellations for orders. To make a cancellation we will need to process a refund. To request a refund please contact us at

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We make a percentage of Bou Soie products to order, cut in the fabric colour of your choice. By manufacturing only what's needed, we reduce dead stock left behind due to overproducing. This means that dead stock will never be discarded. It also means that resources that go into making the product will not be wasted if the product is not consumed. For example, the energy used to power the sewing machines and manufacture the fabrics will only be used if a product is ordered.

We do not stock fabrics, the fabrics will only be purchased when an order is placed. This means we do not discard any dead stock fabric if we overbuy it. Made-to-order can also prevent impulse shopping and overconsumption.

Making to order also helps our brand grow as we do not waste our resources on manufacturing stock we may not sell. This means we have a larger manufacturing budget, and the machinists are paid fairly for the making of each garment.


Making to order can also prevent impulse shopping and overconsumption.

Why made-to-order?

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