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Once you have placed your order, it takes 5-10 days to go though production. During busy periods it may take more than this, however you will be notified prior to placing on order. For larger orders there may be an extended waiting time. If you have a set date you wish your order to arrive please be in contact before placing the order. Delivery is another additional wait to consider when selecting ‘next-day delivery’. Next-day delivery means that your order will be shipped as soon as the product is ready.

Delivery in the UK

We are pleased to offer free delivery for any orders placed in the UK. Your tracked RoyalMail parcel will take up to 3-5 working days.

For faster delivery, we offer the option of next-day delivery when processing your order.

Please note: if this is a pre-order keep in mind this is after your clothing have been manufactured.

International Shipping

International orders will be shipped with Parcelforce.

Emission-free delivery 

" In Hackney, London, riding a bike is one of the fastest modes of transport. During the Christmas Mail strikes, I realised my parcels might not arrive in time for Christmas day so I decided to pick my bike up and deliver parcels myself! As the owner of a small clothing line you usually just wrap things in a mailer and that’s it. Meeting my customers gave me a feeling of connection to what I'm making and the value it adds to others. 

Being a sustainable brand, reducing emissions is a massive part of what we value. By bike, we can deliver a parcel and produce next to no emissions in the process! By ordering within our emission-free zone you are not only choosing to make a more sustainable purchase but you’re supporting a local brand."


Your order will be wrapped inside biodegradable mailer.

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