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Bou Soie pyjamas are made considering the full journey. A journey that starts in the soil, must end in the soil; because let's be real - all good things come to an end! 

Bamboo Silk is biodegradable and can decompose in the soil. Before composting your pyjamas, you must remove the thread and waistband elastic as they are not yet biodegradable.

Bamboo set disposal guide

Remove seams 

Cut approximately one centimetre from the edge of the seam to ensure that all the thread has been removed from the garment (as the thread is not biodegradable).

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Remove the hems 

Cut approximately one centimetre from the edge of the hem. The hems are located at the bottom of the garment.

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If you're disposing of bottoms you must follow these extra steps 

Remove elastic from waist band 

Cut a slit in the waistband. Find the elastic inside and snip the elastic. Pull the elastic from one side until the elastic has been completely removed.

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Elastic in the waistband must be disposed of with regular waste as it contains plastic content.


replant your bamboo set 

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