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Bou Soie is a Hackney-based slow fashion line, delivering high-quality handmade garments mad in London. Thank you for supporting our small clothing brand, we are able to adjust return or remake! 

To book us in for alterations please send us an email describing the alteration you require and we will look into getting that sorted!


Please wash on a 30 delicate wash and line dry. Please hand-wash when possible, 

repairs if the garment has been damaged we may be able to repair it. please send us images of the garmennt and we will get back to you!

How to care for bamboo 'silk'




 "I started making clothing from my bedroom during lockdown. Spending all my time at home, I became obsessed with comfort.

Before lockdown, my concept of fashion was limited to it being a part of the external world. However, during lockdown, I began to redefine my idea of fashion as a tool to enhance my well-being.

As the outside noise fell silent, I became more aware of my immediate surroundings, such as the sensation of different fabrics and what they evoked for me. Becoming so intimately connected with materials really changed the way I designed altogether. My repertoire of design transitioned from predominantly visual design to then opening a world of feeling and sensation design.

I realised I could design and shape feeling for the wearer, this incentivised me to create clothing that would feel amazing to wear. Bamboo silk is light and cool to the touch. Its spacious yet elegant shape leaves room for movement and drapes beautifully from your unique curves. 


This became the first chapter of my journey with Bou Soie. "

Bou Soie was founded by Megan


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